Food Prep

The Importance of A Clean Kitchen

When working with food, it is extremely important that you have a clean kitchen to work in. During food preparation, you want to have all of your surfaces as clean as possible. Dirty work areas become the perfect area for bacteria growth. Some of these bacterias may be harmful to humans if consumed. This should […]


Teaching Children About Food

When you have children, it is important that you teach them about where their food comes from. You do not want your children to grow up believing that people always cook their food for them and that the ingredients only come from the supermarket. So, let’s teach children about where food comes from. The easiest […]


Are Takeaways The Future?

After the last year, we have seen a huge increase in the number of people that are choosing to have takeout over eating in a restaurant. The coronavirus pandemic has a part to play in this, so are takeaways the future? If you are a food business, supplying meals to your customers, offering a takeout […]

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