Avoiding cross-contamination risk within the kitchen

Kayleigh, July 21, 2017

Cross contamination is a harmful process whereby bacteria is transferred from one object to another, making it the main cause of food borne diseases, especially in our kitchens when we are not cautious in the process of preparing a meal.

This happens mostly when raw food such as meat, poultry and seafood mix with already cooked food, this can be avoided by;

  • Separation of raw meat from other foodstuffs – This can be done by being cautious during buying by separating the products at the trolley and at the checkout.
  • Organized arrangement of food stuff during storage – Meat, poultry, and seafood should be stored in a freezer when not used within the few days of purchase, they should be sealed, the raw food should never be placed near other products.
  • Washing of hands and the kitchen’s counter – Cross-contamination can easily be avoided by ensuring that hands are washed properly before and after handling the raw foods.