Benefits of buffet over set meal at an event

Kayleigh, August 26, 2017

One of the most stressful aspects of planning an event is deciding on the catering. With fussy eaters and many different dietary requirements, it is easy to get confused with what option to choose.

Buffet meals are becoming a popular option for events, parties and even weddings, although they are seen as a little less formal than a set menu meal, they work great for large catering groups.

Buffet food can come in any form, with summer events opting for BBQ style buffets. Guests can walk up to the food table and choose what they do and don’t want on their plate, meaning less food is wasted. Once all guests have had their meal, there may food left over, so hungry guests can even go up for second servings.

Buffets can be served hot or cold and can include a wide range of foods. Many hosts choose to theme their buffets, such as Greek, American, seafood, around the world and many more.