Best Foods To Photograph

Kayleigh, September 27, 2020

So you have taken the big step and decided to become a food influencer. Now the next big question is… what foods should you photograph? It is very well know that some foods are more photogenic than others. For example, I would not recommend photographing your McDonalds meal. But what are some of the best foods to photograph?

One of my favourite foods to photograph is cakes. This can be cupcakes or birthday cakes. They are all very easy to photograph. Especially when you can purchase some with some amazing frosting designs.

Another good food item to photograph is pasta dishes. These are again very easy to photograph and have lots of good angles. Whether this is homemade pasta or from a restaurant they are all excellent choices.

Finally, cocktails. Photographing cocktails is extremely popular. This is due to their colours and styles. Pairing a cocktail with a beautiful background will give your profile a boost.