Catering for a large children’s party

Kayleigh, January 23, 2017

When catering for a large children’s party you have many things to consider, such as portion Control. To ensure a smooth children’s party, it is important to be keen on the portions. Each kid should have at least one roll of bread, a sandwich, a piece of cake, crisps and some fruits. Avoid over-shopping for unnecessary stuff that will just go to waste at the end of the party.

Children are attracted to a colourful set up. They first feast with their ayes even before literally eating. You could use things like toy trucks to serve the popcorn and crisp. You could also try wrapping pieces of fruits with shiny pieces of foil. With the bread, just put on butter and use thin ham as filling, then cut them into quarters. When you turn them over, the end result will have a nice check-board effect, very attractive for kids. Make sure you use both white and brown bread for a healthy snack.

As much as you need to get healthy snacks for the kids, sandwiches and bread rolls do not have to completely steal the limelight. There is a way you can sneak in some vegetables by providing colourful dips. You could use chicken satay, salads or falafel, which are some of the kid’s favourites. Also go for low sugar jellies with ice cream and frozen fruits stuck on sticks to balance out the sugary treats.

Ensure to keep the sweet treats like ice cream away to wait until the main courses have been eaten. Otherwise at the end of the party you will be left with a lot of untouched sandwiches.
A great advantage that comes with catering for a large group of children is that you can make the price appealing to the parents and still make a great profit. This is because you will be buying stuff in wholesale which is a lot cheaper.