Catering- The Impact Covid-19 Has Had On This Industry

Kayleigh, March 10, 2021

Like every industry, COVID-19 has had a major impact on them all. With us all needing to change the way we work to suit the government restrictions. With some of us even needing to close down or work from home to suit these requirements. Today, we are going to look deeper into some of the challenges that the catering faced during the Covid-19 pandemic.

Social Distancing
Like within every industry, the catering industry has had to follow the rule of social distancing. This has caused some issues within the catering industry. One issue is that you can no longer work as close together without feeling in danger. Making it difficult for some smaller places to have enough staff working to cover their needs due to the amount of space needed to social distance safely.

Furlough Payments
Within the catering industry, a lot of the staff have missed out on the furlough payment scheme. With the most affected workers being waiters and waitresses. Causing issues for these workers as they have not been paid throughout the covid-19 pandemic. They missed out on these payments due to the companies not having enough money in them to continue paying their staff if they are not receiving any income.

Suppliers Food Going To Waste
The suppliers for people in the catering industry would also have been affected. Due to them no longer needing the supply for this time, they will also not be receiving money for their products. As they are used to supplying high amounts to catering companies they will have a large amount of leftover food which is left to spoil.

These are the three main ways that the catering industry has been impacted by the Covid-19 pandemic. Like everywhere, those working in the catering industry will be happy to see their places of work open up again soon.