Christmas markets are great for food lovers

Kayleigh, November 23, 2017

With Christmas just over a month away, food lovers are beginning to get excited about the food in store at the Christmas markets. Getting festive is made easy here in the UK, as many Christmas markets are hosted in almost every town and city, so there is no need to venture far.

Christmas markets certainly bring the festive feeling as you enter, and that’s usually because of those wonderful food smells at every turn. With German markets selling their famous Bratwurst sausages, to the amazing aroma of chestnuts roasting and sold in individual portion pots, there is truly something for every food lover.

Of course food is a big part of the Christmas market, however the drink is too. As the weather is only getting colder, warming up with mulled wine or cider is too difficult to resist, and accompanies the festive food perfectly.

Start planning which markets you want to visit next month, and be ready to try all of the wonderful foods and drinks on offer.