Improving your presentation skills

Kayleigh, March 25, 2018

Cooking a fantastic meal is one thing, but it should not only taste wonderful, it should look beautiful too. Whatever meal you’re cooking you should take pride in the presentation, because after all, you eat with your eyes first.

If you constantly flick through food magazines and browse foodie hashtags on Instagram you’re probably already surrounded by inspirational content, and now you just need to really take it all in. We recommend you analyse photographs of food that looks divine and understand how it has been presented. Sometimes simple is best whilst at other times going the extra mile can be important. It all depends on the dish and how you feel it should look before that first bite is taken. Presentation skills are incredibly important, especially today when people take photograph of their food almost all the time! If you want your food to be shared instantly to draw in more customers or recommendations, make sure it’s looking great!