Packaging Food For Delivery

Kayleigh, January 8, 2021

When working within the food industry, one aspect which people always forget to consider is delivery. Transporting food from one location to another can be extremely difficult. Especially when it is pre-prepared and needs to arrive in one piece for an event. Today we are going to share with you some ways to package food for delivery.

The most popular choice and easiest way to package food for delivery are Tupperware or food-safe cardboard boxes. These are simple, easy to store and easy to pack in a way to keep all your food safe in one piece. Tupperware is also reusable making it good for the environment.

If you are delivering to an event which you have been asked to cater for, we will always recommend you to deliver the food separately. For example, if you have made sandwiches, packages these up like bread and filing separately. Making these up once you arrive will be quick and simple, allowing them to be on show in on piece.