Simple food swaps to create a healthy diet

Kayleigh, May 27, 2017

With so many different diets out there, there really is only one way to loose and maintain a weight loss, and that is eating a healthy balanced diet. Many fad diets will only give you short term weight loss, making you feel tired and lifeless, and are practically unrealistic to maintain.

Kick start your new healthy diet by making these simple food swaps, keeping you satisfied all while reducing your calorie intake. If you like many wake up to a lovely cappuccino or latte, try swapping this to an herbal tea or Americano, saving you around 300 kcal per cup. While many feel they are being healthy opting for dried fruit as a snack, they can be full of hidden sugars, stick to fresh fruit, saving you around 80kcal per snack.

We all love adding a portion of chips to our meals, however these can be full of hidden calories, try changing this to roasted sweet potatoes, saving you around 250 kcal per serving.