Taking the ease out of event planning

Kayleigh, December 13, 2017

Any type of event planning can be a daunting task, from weddings, corporate events, birthday parties to activity days. There are so many things to consider to create a smooth running event for all of the guests to enjoy. If organisation isn’t your strongest asset, you may want to think about hiring professionals to plan and organise your dream event from start to finish.

When it comes to organising an event, it is important to have goal in mind to be able to produce your desired event. The professionals can then get hard at work organising each aspect from venue hire, to decorations, catering, decorations and other services too.

Budget is always a vital factor to consider when hiring a professional event organiser, to make sure they can deliver the service you desire at a reasonable price. At least with a set price given to you, there is no need to worry about hidden extras, or forgetting a hire an important part. Planning events yourself can be a lot of fun, however a large event can be hard work, so seeking a bit of assistance can help greatly.

If you have a meeting planned with events organisers, there are a few things you should take to your initial meeting:

Venue ideas- Profession event planners should be able to direct you to a few venues that can cater for your proposed event. Making sure the venue is suitable for the amount of guests and has the right amenities available on site that you so desire.

Budget- Set a budget early and stick with it, know when to say no to particular ideas. try not to cut back on food quality, as this can make guests unhappy and disappointed. Making smaller budget cuts may work in your favour, and price your event tickets reasonably.

Food and drink- Food and drink tends to be a popular part of any event, so make sure you are happy with the quality of food and have tried samples before committing to a particular catering service. You may want to consider asking the event organisers for their recommendations for catering and drink services as they may be able to get a better deal with certain companies.

Themes- These work well at most events, and can create an event to be remembered. Getting a theme right is essential, and that means you may have to set a higher budget to achieve a movie set level of props and style for that wow factor.

Scrapbook- Lets face it, we all love making a scrapbook for almost everything, and planning an event shouldn’t stop you either. in fact, taking a scrapbook of ideas and inspiration can help your event organiser get a better idea of the style and theme you want for your event.

Don’t let the stress of planning an event take over, simply hire a professional to do the hard work for you. While you will still have full control of what you want, the organisers can make sure the event runs smoothly, while you can enjoy the time with your guests.