The Importance of Supporting Local Restaurants

Kayleigh, September 8, 2021

We saw it last year, Eat Out To Help Out, but why has this stopped? Why are people no longer supporting their local restaurants?

It seems as if people have forgotten about their small local restaurants that may still be recovering from the Covid-19 pandemic and have gone straight back to the large fast-food chains that have enough money in the bank to survive.

So, today we are going to share with you why it is so important that you head back out and support your local restaurants.

Earlier this week, Boris Johnson put out an announcement that it may be likely for the United Kingdom to need to head back into another lockdown if our covid-19 cases continue to rise as this is putting strain once again on the NHS. Now, if this does happen, our local restaurants are going to suffer. They do not have the backup funds that larger restaurant chains have, meaning they may struggle to put food on their own table for their families.

So, whilst we can we should head out and spend our money with them. We should support them. Supporting them doesn’t always have to mean eating with them. It can be leaving a review for their restaurant. It can be commenting on their social media posts to make them more popular. It could even just be sharing their name when people ask for recommendations. All of this will help them to gain business and will show your true support.

We can tell you that small restaurants will appreciate the support far more than these fast-food chains. You know your money will be used wisely. Anyway, some smaller, single-store restaurants may offer better quality food. So whilst the prices may be higher, it is totally worth supporting them.