Three healthier alternatives to chocolate brownies

Kayleigh, April 25, 2017

Are you addicted to chocolate brownies? As delicious as they are, they’re extremely high on sugar, fat and calories, so it’s important to have them on the rare occasion. That said, there are many delicious yet healthy treats available and we’re going to run through a few options.

Healthy Almond Joys

This is by far the healthiest alternative to chocolate brownies. It is rich in protein, has low fat content and is cholesterol free. It is also easy to make and has a super yummy taste.

Chocolate Avocado pudding

Chocolate avocado pudding contains a lot of fiber and avocado fat that is healthy for your body system. Unlike chocolate brownies, chocolate avocado puddings are sweet but contain healthy ingredients masked under the cocoa.

Chocolate protein cookie

With healthy ingredients and low calories, these ingredients are layered with peanut butter, banana and flax to make it a much healthier alternative to chocolate brownies.

If you want to live a life free of health complication, then you have no other option but to incorporate the above alternatives in your daily diet. Try them today and you won’t regret it.