What’s the best wedding food?

Kayleigh, August 18, 2018

It is obviously known that after the vows are over the task left to every guest is all about food and entertainment. But if you want a wedding of your dream the foods must be a favourite to your entire guest. What are the best wedding foods? Consider the following five foods.

Antipasto Skewers
Save your relatives and friends from cocktails juggle by providing them with their own appetizer plate. These skewers contain important components of antipasti, from the cheese to the olives, on a stick which is fun and convenient to eat.

Epic Brownie Pops
These dipped-chocolate pops are the best and easier to make. 48 chunks can be made at a go and when the wedding is on the small side, make a couple batches of these chunks as it is easily manageable.

Chocolate Covered Coconut Macaroon
Chocolate Covered Coconut Macaroons are chewy on the inside and crispy on the outside. When chocolate-dipped they can be the best welcome on the table.

Strawberry Thyme Jam
This is a popular homemade wedding flavour that is hard to mess up and can be made for lovely presentations that are liked by all the people as this recipe adds thyme leaves to the strawberry mixture.

Most of these foods can be homemade or semi-homemade. They all contain flavour options that are impressive enough for your guest and stress-free thus giving you a chance to focus on other matters such as entertainment.